Saturday, 29 November 2014


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi and welcome to my precious blog. Long time no see, right? I can't even tell when is the last time I update a post. The school holidays has begin so I'm so much free now.

This time I'm gonna story about my friends. My gorgeous, awesome, brilliant and superb friends. They always make me happy and teach me to put my problem in a pocket with a hole in it. I never thought that I'll be knowing every of them and now, I'm so thankful to know and have friends like them.

Amani. We are not that close but she have been almost always with me when I have a problem. I'm comfortable to share my stories with her because I know, she will comfort me better. She teach me not to stop loving someone even if we hurt so much. Just prostrate to Allah and raise your both hand and pray. She always give me useful advice and inspiring words. I've been always hope for not to lose a friend like her. 

Nuriha. She's my second friend that I don't want to lose. She's the one that always make me happy with all weird thing she do. Haha. Actually she's not weird, she's unique. Like her name. I have wrote about her once if you notice. We always share and think the same thing. We always interest in the same idol group. From Beast, then Song Joongki, Infinite, Exo, Suju. But no more for now. She still likes Suju and I'm with BTS (but beast is still no.1 for sure). We always have our own partner that we like. I wonder if I move out from this school, am I able to find a unique human being like her ever again?

Wardina. My friend since form 1. We always fight for small things but of course we will get back together again. We are same. Almost every thing. We are both sensitive. We are both hot-tempered. We are both Siti Hawa team in sport. We are both the youngest child. We are both have 4 siblings. We are both born by a second wife mother. We are both born in the same month. We are also stay in the same dorm this year. And many more. I hope this friendship will last long. She often getting sick. So I'm a bit worried about her. But she must be so grateful because there're many friend that volunteer to help when she's sick.

Yusal. She's a girl with a mind that no one can even expect what she is actually think of. She always accompanied me to stay up late to study or eat sometimes and a friend to chat before going to sleep at night. We usually talk about life and what we will be in the future. We like to talk about something useless sometimes. Hahaha. She has the same family problem with me so I think she understand me the best.

Intan. We are close when we're form 1 and form 2. But serious talk, I don't know what the thing that make me and her distance this year. We rarely talk to each other and have a crazy conversation like we used to have. But no matter what, I still love her. I still consider her as my best friend because we do have memories together. She's crazy and love to laugh. But the thing I hate the most about her is, she is selfish and we can never fix it. But still, she's a good friend.

Dazrina. I still remember when I'm form 1, honestly I said, I used to hate her. I don't know why. But the more I know her, the more I like to be her friend. She likes to make stupid jokes that I can't bear but laugh. She likes to talk about her nephews. From what I heard, I think she's really love them. They must know that they are so blessed to have an aunt like her. She's a good friend. She always comfort me and always make me express myself when I actually want to hide. But gladly, she end up giving me a useful advice.

Aisyah Shihah. Well, I didn't know much about her because we are not that close - and to be honest, I've never talk to her. We start to know each other since Daz created a group on Line which named DAWYAD. DAWYAD stands for Dazrina, Aishah, Wardina, Yusal, Aisyah and Dahlia. I know her since form 1 but I just know her name and her figure. I still remember, when I'm form 1, I didn't even dare to enter her class - because she's the class president that time. I thought that she's so fierce and conceited. But since we start to know each other personalities and she's good and nice actually. Also, I find that she's quite crazy and annoying too. She always annoys me with unrelated things. She always make me mad with her. But I starts to realize - that is her charm. And also, I've never talk to her until now. We only contact each other through Wechat.

Dahlia. I also get to know her through DAWYAD. I never talk to her also. Like Aisyah, I only know her name and her figure when I'm form 1. I also thought that she's arrogant. I didn't dare to talk to her because I think she's fierce - like Aisyah. Haha. But all that thing turn to lies. Yes. She's not arrogant. She's nice and sometimes crazy too. Well, I think that's why an idiom like 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' existed.

Rafhanah and Afifah. Or shall I say Ana and Pipah. Haha. Well, I know them since form 1. Unlike Aisyah and Dahlia, we do talk to each other but we're not so close until I get into the same class with them this year. They are kpoppers - like me. Oh before I forget, Amani, Aisyah and Dahlia too. They are both crazy when it turn to fangirling. They like to read fanfics too. We always exchange stories. But sometimes we also talk about problem. I like to express my feeling to Pipah because her advice are meaningful to me. I like her words when she's comforting someone. Ana stay at the same area with me. So, we usually go back home from school together. 

And the conclusion is, they are all friends that always be with me when I want to do crazy thing. Fangirling with me no matter what. Support and comfort me no matter what.

Thanks, girls. Thank you so much. I never want to lose friends like all of you. You all make me happy. Thanks and thanks, again and again.

Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Too Much

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Since PT3 is over (even though we still have PBS), we are getting bored and have nothing to do especially the hostelites. Arrgghh! Well, actually we fill our leisure time with chatting, playing stupid games, read novels... oops! kantoi pulak. Haha. 

And since PT3 is over, our relationship between friends also getting worst. More betrays, more neglects, more ignorence, more backstabbing, more lies and more hearts has been hurt.

I know I'm not a good friend, but at least, I know the value of friendship. I know what appreciate really means. And I know that I have to appreciate every person that exist in my life. 

I should be proud of my heart for being neglected, ignored, stabbed, hurt and lied but still working well.

I'm upset with my friends. I trust them so much. They promised me. But the broke the bond. And I hate it so much. All my trust that I put on them are all gone now. Although they don't know about this, I mean they don't know that I knew the truth and just acting in front of them, but still, I can't hate them. I may used to this kind of situation but this is too much. For your information, I never hate anybody in my life and it's make my life sucks. I'm hard to hate people. And even at this case, I still can't hate them. I love every of my friends. It's just I love the one who close with even more. But I can't hate them and I hate myself for being like this.

When? When can I find my true friend? I think Nasuha's word is right. "Don't create best friend forever cause it's all bullshit" Hahahahaha. Hmmm, bye.

Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.