Saturday, 25 October 2014


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi semua! Wow! It's such a long time. I don't have time. Maybe I do have time but I used it to watch K-Dramas. Hehe. I've a lot of story to tell you. Well, sebenarnya SA tak ingat sangat nak cerita apa. Masa benda tu jadi, dah set dah dalam otak, 'nanti update blog'. Tapi sekarang dah lupa. SA cerita yang SA ingat la ya?

Hmm, tak ada benda menarik pon. My birthday are not celebrated by anyone. Actually, I don't even care if they want to celebrate it or not but... I just want to hear 'Happy Birthday' word from everyone I know. I can count it with my fingers the amount of people that wished me. Started from a birthday song through a phone call from Amani, then wishes from Nasuha Rosli, Jazmina, Nuriha, Ana, Daz, Er, Pah, K.silmi and lastly Nasuha Ariffin. I don't know why but I'm feeling so upset that my bestfriends... no! Maybe not. Maybe we are not bestfriends. Maybe we are just close to each other. Whatever it is, the point here is, I'm upset and disappointed of them. I don't even get any wish from them. And it's depressing me a lot. Okay that's enough. Huhh!

Trial Exam.
This is what make me stress more. I can't even scored A in every subject. Huhh. It's about one month left before the real exam which is PT3 will come and meet us. But I'm still playing a lot. Want me to tell you something, Well, it's quite embarrassing actually but I don't care. I've never get A for Math. Haha. From Nursery untill now. Because of that I'm suprised the moment I scored A for Math in UPSR. That was my first and last.

2nd Trial.
Because of the whole of my batch's results are unsatisfactory, our teachers decided to once more trial for us. This time, I really try to do my best. We din't get all of our paper back yet. We only got 5 papers and I got 3A 1B 1C. Know what the C goes for? Of course Math. Hmm. At least I don't failed. Haha.

The day has come. And I think I have try all the best that I could. I felt stress and a little bit... no, maybe much of pressure. I got headache all day before the actual exam day and can't even focus in tuitions. But thanks to HIM, I can still did my best and I felt relax.

That's all that I can remember. Hmm, PT3 memang la dah habis. Tapi PBS masih ada. Selagi tak dapat result selagi tu la kena buat. Kami mana ada boleh pi keluar sana sini macam batch PMR sebelum-sebelum ni. Banyak aktiviti diorang boleh buat sendiri dan free sangat-sangat. Well, pendek kata, batch 99 tak tahu apa itu erti FREEDOM. Haha. Okay, sampai sini sahaja. Bye.

Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.