Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Today is the last day for 2013. Wow! This year is really leaving a big impact to me. There are too many experiences. And I'm appreciate all of it. Either it's a love or a hate. I'm never going to regret meeting a single person. Because all of them make me feel precious.

The most beautiful religion. We share and spread everything that Rasulullah s.a.w taught us, everything that Allah order us to. Fighting for truth, is our way. Always love, share and help each other. Al-Quran never fail to guide us. We remember HIM, HE will remember us. That's what Allah promise us through Al-Quran.

The only language you learned when you're born to this cruel world. You have your first sight love and spread a lot to it. It's your parents. The person who always did their best to grown you up and give hopes and support. It's quite hard you know even you are taking care of one cute child. So, it has been 14 years since they started to keep their eyes after me. Thanks mak. Thanks abah.

One of the top list of what you need in this world. They colored your life with many things. Though you have different personalities, different likes and hates, different interest, you still complete each others comfortably. I need them as much as I need food (sorry but i like to eat so much). They are also one of my basics need in life.

A thing that gives you a hundred pains and cries but in the end, it give you a thousand gifts and smiles. Challenging you with so many things in the journey of achieving your dreams. Life sometimes make you down. Life sometimes make you feel like a loser. But there will be always a happiness await for you. So, live better.

I'm sorry if I'm not a good Muslim.
I'm sorry if I'm not a good daughter.
I'm sorry if I'm not a good friend.
I'm sorry if I'm not a good human.

But for this upcoming year, insyaallah. I will be always try my best to be.

A lot of memories. 
A lot of sadness. 
A lot of happiness. 
A lot of smile. 
A lot of tears. 
It will be always in my mind. 

Goodbye 2013.
Welcome 2014.

Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Falling for XOXO

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Well, semenjak dua menjak ni SA tak tahu kenapa SA selalu stalk pasal Exo. Tambah-tambah lagi Baekhyun. Okay, I'll realize now. I'm falling for him. Eh, takkan korang tak kenal Exo? Worldwide kott. Kalau tak kenal B2ST ke, Infinite ke, B.A.P ke, boleh la terima. Okay here's some photos of him. This is all photos that I rate or love the most among all his photos in my lappy or handphone.

Things that I like about Baekhyun are, his eyes, his hair, his smile and his cheek . Haha, my cousin told me that my eyes look alike with him. That make me feel so proud anyway.

Okay. Don't be too greedy, Aishah --"

But falling for Baekhyun can't be the same way I'm falling for Yoseob. Maybe I'm a bit leaving him... or would I say B2ST? Okay, maybe I'm no longer up-to-date about them, but love make me can't be apart with him. Well, I'm a little miss that moment I'm fangirling over B2ST. Stalking Infinite will never be the same way or how much I care about B2ST about 2 years ago. Although I've said that Infinite is the first kpop group that I known by myself, and I'm in love with them now, my heart still choose B2ST for number ONE!!

Maybe that's why my heart choose B2ST for being their fan  though I've met with Infinite first.

B.A.P. Okay, how about that's group? Well, to be honest, I'm not a Baby (B.A.P fanclub name). I'm just a huge fan of Zelo and it is called Jellies.

Hmm, maybe setakat ini saja untuk kali ni. Tahun depan SA form 3. Omo!! Although our batch is not going to sit on PMR, we still have that miserable PBS. Why this concept must exist? Warrgghh! Whatever. I'm being so exited for next year. Btw, Happy New Year, everybody! Bye! Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Exited Wish

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Setelah sekian lamanya dapat jugak update my dearest blog, haha tak ada lah lama sangat pun sebenarnya. Pejam celik, pejam celik.....taa daa!!! Haha. Dah nak tahun baru dah pun. Lebih kurang lagi seminggu ja. Kejapnya. Bumi berputar, pergi balik, pergi balik...and at last!! We are meeting with 2014. Otw goodbye to 2013, haha.

Like normally, azam baru untuk tahun baru. Everyone mesti ada harap or janji untuk new year. Dengan harapan tahun yang akan datang tu akan lebih baik dari tahun sebelumnya. Itulah yang dipanggil 'azam'. Kita berharap akan jadi lebih baik dari diri kita yang sebelumnya.

Me? My azam? What it is? Okay, maybe I'll just tell you a few of it. 

  • never leave my solah and pray for my friends and my success and all my surrounding's happiness
  • be a good person, never lie and always try my best not to hurt others
  • change what people think of me about bad things
  • not to fall or being fool for a wrong people anymore
  • study hard and not playing around anymore
  • forget everything that hurt me so much and keep move on
  • try my best to be a good friend especially to Nuriha and N.I.Y.A
  • no more gosip about others especially teachers
Okay, tu lah certain dari list azam SA. Eh?, azam dengan wish tu lain tau. Nak tahu apa wish SA? Okay, I'll honestly tell all of you.

  • nak rantai ada bintang
  • nak bear besar macam yang Woohyun kiss dalam Man In Love MV then nak letak nama 'Woowoo'
  • nak bear yang ada pegang bintang, nama dia SA dah cari dah, it's 'Namstar'
  • nak major English tahap tinggi punya
  • nak DSLR
  • nak guitar
  • nak belajar main piano
  • nak belajar music
  • nak ada set melukis sendiri
  • nak pergi visit all my dream places 
  • nak beli semua album B2ST
  • nak jumpa Bias2, dapatkan autograph and give them a meaningful present

Well... actually there's a lot to mention but I only told you these. So? Everyone... what is your wish and 'azam' for this upcoming year? Do give your respond anywhere. Okay, sampai sini saja untuk kali ni. The day before New Year, insyaallah SA akan update.

Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Precious One

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Haha! Okay. Post kali ni, kita tukar kepada mood asal balik. SA nak cerita sikit pasal sorang best friend SA ni. Siapa dia? Special sangat ka dia ni? Yup! To me, she is precious. Too precious. Siti Nurihabajuri bt Arsyi is her name. Wow! What a unique name, right? Because the person is unique too. Everything about her is unique. The way she talk, the way she walk, the way she smile, the way she admire on something and everything about her make not just me but everyone who know her, love her. Yeah. She is lovable, I guess. It must be good to be her. Hope so. 

Act, we have the same interest. What's that interest? Haha! Infinite of course. Remember I told you that I love Woohyun? She love one of the Infinite's member too who named L (Kim Myungsoo). She is truely madly deeply crazy with that guy of course. Because you know what? Dalam banyak2 orang yang dia minat, SA tak pernah tengok dia gilakan orang lain macam mana dia gilakan L. Maybe Song Joongki second place la kott kan. Tapi second place tu pon jauh bezanya dengan first place okay. Kiranya, senang cakap, L ni memang yang paling dia......UHMM la. SA pon tak tau nak cakap macam mana.

Tahu tak, setiap artis yang dalam kumpulan mesti ada couple yang tersendiri. Dalam Infinite, ada WOOSOO couple (Woohyun+Myungsoo). And that thing macam melambangkan persahabatan kami. SA harap, walaupon kami berdua dah tak minat Infinte sekali pon suatu hari nanti, persahabatan ni akan tetap kekal. Doakan kami, okay?

Btw, nak tengok muka dia yang gila2 tu? Well, walaupon SA tak pernah cakap benda ni kat depan dia, tapi SA terpaksa jugaklah mengaku depan korang. Fine! She's cute. Ya, really cute. But sometime I saw her beautiful. Ahh! Whatever! Forget about it. I know that she will smile or laugh crazily when she read this. Lol. Haha. Terpaksa la cek oi, jangan nak perasan sangat la orang puji ko. 

"Aishah, jangan la pindah. Nanti aku takdak geng nak cerita fanfics, gila-gila korea lagi dah. Jangan la pindah tau"
I'll remember this warm word forever, friend.

Well, Nuriha. Act, I have a confession for you. I hope you have some time to read this.

Hey, you.
You know what?
You're not just my bestie

You're like appa, omma, eonni and oppa too me
You exist every time I think the world is end
And make me restart a new life
A new life with a beautiful laughs and smiles
We fight once, but we're sure needing each other
Remember, every time you fall to ground and cry
Just think, there's a lot of people who love you
Still want to see your smile face
So, you must wake up from that nightmare as soon as possible
You make others laugh with your crazy jokes
You cry alone though it is just a small thing
Don't be worry, dear
Because I've been trying to always be by your side
I love you just the way you are
I love you for what you'd been
And I think, I gonna love you forever...

Chingu-yaa, would be my bestie... forever?

Faithfully, SA.

Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

Nothing's Over

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Act, I have nothing to say to all of you this time. But I really hope that a 'useless' will read this. I hope she know how once she make me suffered.

Dear, NH♥
By the time you can read this

I may not be myself anymore
The love grew cold, the words got hot
And then, one day you walked
I cried the night you left me
I cried again today
It seems sometimes that's all I've done
Since that night you went away
I hope someday you will understand
That this thing hurt me so much
I hope you know that I always have
And always will love you
I may not be the person I used to be
I've learned a lot since then
I wish that I could turn back time
And live with you again
But I can't change the things I've done
Or take back the words I've said
All I can do is write this word
While lying on my bed
I hope that when you read this
You will know this one thing's true
That no one else in this world
Can replace you in my heart
To me, you are you
And you are the only one

Sorry that I called you 'useless'
When first time my friends started to called you that
I scolded them
But when I think about it
I think you deserved to it
Truthfully sorry.

The Lovelorn,      

Le' unconfess words :')

Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Still, I Need You

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Wanna know something? This Tuesday, my best friend will be having an operation. Hmm, I hope she will be okay. Know what? She always make me smile. And I always tried to smile in front of her though my heart was bleeding. Nurul Wardina bt Azlan is a name which given by her parent. Dear, friend. Please, I hope you have some time to read my words before the operation begin.

To a friend named Nurul Wardina,

I hope this is not the last one I can wrote for you
Because I will write more spirit words for you after this
Just for you.
Remember that time you asked me to be strong?
The time I'm crying over that 'useless'
You comforted me with your warm words and asked me to be strong
You said I am strong before this
And you want to be like me, right?
But after I met with that 'useless'
I became weak
Thanks, babe!
I am being strong now
I have forgot about that 'useless'
But now,It's my turn to say that "be strong" to you
I just hope we can create more memories together after this
Please, don't leave me
I still need you, dear
I want to spreate more love to you
And make you smile
I always want to, dear
Let's be friend till the end
Till jannah of course
Let's share more problems together
And solve it together
Let me love you till my last breathe
I love you, Wardina.

Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Going Crazy!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Yeah! Akhirnya. Dapat jugak SA bukak blog SA yang dah berhabuk ni. Okay jap eh. Nak bersihkan dulu habuk2 ni.

...10 minutes later...

Okay! Dah bersih! *Fine, tak lawak*. Hmm, post kali ni, SA pon tak tahu nak cakap apa. SA bukak sebab rindu sangat. Haha. Btw, meroyan pasal world tour Infinite tak habis lagi ni. Kenapa la diorang buat kat Kuala Lumpur sana tu. Buat la kat depan rumah SA lain kali. Baru la SA boleh pergi tengok. Kah kah kah. *Tak lawak jugak? Ok fine*. Woohyun oppa! I wanna meet you! Saranghaeyo! Oppa! Waaaaa! *Huishh. Dah gila dah aku ni*.

Dengar cerita masa konsert tu ada orang propose L. Tu takpa lagi. Yang SA geramnya, Woohyun pi bagi sekuntum bunga, sebentuk cincin and cermin mata yang dia pakai masa konsert tu kepada penonton yang duduk kat bahagian Rock Zone (betul2 depan pentas). Dah la pompuan. Bencinya! Benci! Benci! Benci! Jelous gila.Untungnya pompuan tu. Haiihhh! Takpa. Jumpa bias kesayangan SA is one of my wishlist. Hope the dreams come true. Teringinnya. Kan?

And one more. Semalam sebelum balik rumah lepas sekolah, SA dengan kawan SA, Amani pergi la ronda2 dekat Prangin Mall. Dalam masa yang sama, Amani tu nak jumpa kawan lama dia. Kami berkenalan takleh belah gila. Haha. Nama pon aku dah lupa. Btw, kawan dia tu minat EXO. Hmm, SA tak layan EXO. Sorry eh. But, Amani ada cakap dia tu ex-B2UTY (peminat B2ST). SA ingat nak tegur dia pasal tu tapi...takpa la. Malu la pulak. Then, time tengah jalan2 tu, Amani sembang la dengan dia, SA diam ja. Tak tau nak cakap apa. SA berhenti kat macam2 kedai. Beli barang banyak gila. Hehe. Tetiba, masa kami berhenti kat satu kedai tu, Amani tanya kawan dia, "minat INFINITE tak? Aishah ni minat". Kawan dia jawab tak. Tapi yang menaikkan darah SA, kawan dia cakap yang kakak dia pergi OGS Infinite. Warrgghh!!! Macam nak terkeluar jantung SA masa tu. Dia cakap L sign kat atas satu kertas warna oren, then lipat kertas tu jadi kapal terbang lalu terbangkan ke arah penonton. And you know what?! Kakak kawan Amani tu yang dapat. Grrrrr. SA macam nak pergi ja jumpa kakak dia tu. Geram pulak SA. Haiihh. Okay2. Sabar. Sabar. Bawak bersabar banyak2. Tarik nafas. In...out. In...out. Okay, relax sikit. Haha, over pulak. Kih kih kih.

This is it. Grrrrr >.<

Maybe setakat ni dulu kott. Esok SA update lagi. Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

Monday, 14 October 2013

I called this, LOVE

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hello, creatures! Yeah! That's right. I'm back, everybody! Wooo wooo wooo! *over*. Okay, abaikan yang tu. Hmm, post yang lepas SA dah ceritakan tentang bias SA kan? Well. Dah search pasal diorang? Gambar Zelo SA dah bagi, right? Woohyun dengan Yoseob pulak? Malas nak search? Okay takpa2. Tak paksa suruh search pun. Nak tengok muka diorang? Haha, okay. Kejap eh. Kejap je. Tunggu2.

Haa! Ni la Woohyun tu. Handsome kan?


Ni pulak si Yoseob tu. Maybe korang tak nampak 
dia handsome, but dia comel, right?

Puas hati korang? Dah tengok kan? Pandai2 la value kenapa SA minat diorang, okay? Hmm, inilah yang dinamakan cinta, kan? *tapi kalau setakat berangan baik tak payah*. Err, okay fine. Lantak la, SA nak berangan ka apa ka. Sebab true love SA limited edition, okay! Hanya untuk yang halal nanti. Kahkahkah. Jodoh tu ketentuan Allah. Kalau Allah dah kata yang tu jodoh kita, maka dengan yang tu la yang kita akan menjalani hidup bersama-sama. Tapi kita kena ingat satu benda. Orang yang kita kahwini tu, walaupun kita hidup dengan dia sampai hembusan nafas terakhir sekali pun, tak semestinya dia jodoh sebenar kita. Kita hanya akan tahu siapa jodoh sebenar kita dekat akhirat nanti. Eh? Chup, chup, chup! Ni dah masuk bab apa dah ni? Entah apa2 la SA ni. Hehe.

Btw, saja la nak kongsi. Act, hari sabtu minggu ni (19 Oct 2013), Infinite buat konsert world tour kat Malaysia. World tour diorang ni dinamakan "One Great Step". Tahu kenapa? Infinite pernah jelaskan dekat mana entah. Pada tahun 1969 tak silap, angkasawan Amerika, apa entah nama dia, menjadi orang pertama yang menjejakkan kaki di bulan. Beliau mengatakan bahawa langkah pertamanya di bulan adalah "one small step for a man". Infinite mengambil frasa tersebut dan menukarnya menjadi "One Great Step" kerana bagi mereka, konsert world tour ni adalah satu langkah besar untuk mereka. Ni second time diorang datang sini. First time diorang datang masa Golden Disk Award kalau tak silap. Dioarang ada janji yang diorang akan datang lagi and yeah! Diorang dah datang pon. SA tahu, Infinite takkan mungkir janji. Haha. Dramatik lebih pulak. Kah kah kah.

Okay la. Maybe sampai sini saja kott untuk kali ni. Lain kali SA update lagi. Insyaallah. Maybe malam nanti or esok or minggu depan lagi sekali. Masa cuti Deepavali pulak. Kenapa minggu depan? Ha! Lupa nak bagitahu. SA ni budak hostel. Sekolah mana? Tak payah bagitahu la kott kan? If nak tahu jugak, follow twitter SA, mesti korang akan tahu punya. Tak paksa okay. Okay, bye! Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hey! It's me!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Haha. Hi, all. Seronok jugak akhirnya dapat buat blog sendiri. Walaupun edit tak cantik mana pun. Okay, lupakan pasal cantik2 tu. Dah explore blog SA? Haha. Sebenarnya ni bukannya first time pun Cah buat blog. Saja buat terok sikit awal2 tadi. Blog SA yang lama, SA dh padam. Blog tu since SA darjah 6 lagi. So I think semua isi blog tu zaman jahiliah SA. Malas nk edit balik punya pasal, SA padam terus blog tu then buat yang baru.

Pejam celik, pejam celik, lagi 2 hari nak raya haji dah kan. And raya haji tahun ni sama date dengan birth date Zelo! Siapa Zelo? Hmm, actually he is one of my kpop bias(kpop crush). He is a member of a boy group name B.A.P. Real name dia Choi Junhong. SA in love dengan dia time tengok lagu debut diorang. Which named Warrior. Nak tengok muka dia yang comel tu? (bagi sesiapa yang tak kenal) Takpa2. Nanti SA tunjukkan eh?

Comel kan?

Omo! Kyeowo!

Nampak charming.

Err, abaikan rambut dia. Ni masa mv hurricane.

Tengah text SA
 la tu. *perasan*

Ha! Tu la Zelo. Comel kan? Umur dia baru 18(korean age, kalau biasa punya 17 la). Tapi SA tak minat sangat pun. Bias SA yang sebenar2nya is Yoseob. Yang Yoseob, main vocalist group B2ST. SA minat gila dia. Maka disebabkan itulah cousin SA cipta nama AishEob tu untuk SA (Aishah+Yoseob). Since SA darjah 6 lagi. SA jatuh cinta dengan dia time tengok mv Breath. Waa! Charming gila kott dia. Tapi SA rasa Yoseob dah bukan no.1 di hati SA. Ranking dia menurun duduk no.2 pulak. Siapa pulak yang ambil alih tempat Yoseob ni? Haha! His name is Nam Woohyun, main vocalist of a boy group named INFINITE. Entah macam mana SA boleh suka dengan mamat ni. Yang pasti SA fall for him masa tengok variety show apa entah. Tapi takda subtitle, so SA tak pasti nama dia apa. Lepas2 tu la baru SA jumpa B2ST dan terjatuh hati pulak dengan Yoseob.

Actually, INFINITE group pertama yang SA kenal dalam kpop. Yang Suju, Wonder Girls, SNSD semua tu tak dikira la, sebab diorang world wide. Orang yang tak minat korea pun boleh kenal jugak. SA kenal INFINITE dengan lagu debut diorang jugak. Come Back Again. Yang mana? Alaa. yang 'torawa2' tu. Haha. Lawak pulak cakap macam tu. Hahahahaha *ok fine, tak lawak* . Eh, dah la. Sedar tak sedar, SA dah macam buat karangan dah ni. Ok lah. Bersambung nanti. Insyaallah. Bye! Wassalamualikum w.b.t.